Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lots of 'Firsts'

It may look like this blog is all about Monique, but she just has had a lot of 'firsts'.

This was really neat for us. It was her first trip to the temple for baptisms and Rory and I got to go. Rory was able to be the one to baptize her.

Alex and Monique were able to share this; their first time. What a special occasion!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Unique Monique

Keeah, my niece and amazing hairstylist, offered to give Monique any kind of hair style she wanted for her 12th birthday. She suggested 'maybe a bright color?'

Monique ran with that and decided she wanted pink AND purple. Rory and I thought a lot about it and decided it really was no big deal. It's just hair, and is something harmless and fun.

She has absolutly loved it and has had fun having a unique haircolor. It really suits her; her personality and style.

Fishin' Kids

Last year we did this fishin' kids and it was a blast!

The kids get to catch two fish, they get a t-shirt and a fishing pole; all for the great price of $5 a child. I thought that was a steal!

It was so fun. They have these netted off areas that they stock with fish and there are people all around to help your kid bait the hook and cast the line.

It is June 15th this year and it's first come first serve, ages 5-14.

I love the Moses Lake Parks and Rec. booklet they put out. It offers so much to do with your family. Fun times!

Our budding make-up artist

Can you say make-up artist in the making? Every so often, Kolette is getting into my make-up. This was one time where she suckered Hannah into holding still and being her model. What a good friend!

What do you think? Lovely?

Don't forget, the legs need to look good too.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring is in the air !

My mood can sure be affected by the weather. It has been so beautiful this last while and the smell of spring is in the air. The kids are even affected and are craving their outside time. I am loving being outside and am walking when the wind isn't blowing to badly. I love the smells, and the flowers and the sun!!! How can you not.