Thursday, February 21, 2008

12 at last !

On Valentine's Day, Monique turned12 years old! (I won't say how old that makes me feel...) She had a little party on that Friday. She invited 5 girls and they all went ice skating right after school. Then we came home, had some yummy hot chocolate and ordered pizza. I can't believe the appetite those girls had! Two large pizzas - gone!

We then all piled into the car and went to the movie "Spiderwick Chronicles". Monique has been dying to see it as she had already read the books a couple years ago. It was really good!

Getting the girls to settle down was another matter. They were all so hyper! The last couple girls finally drifted off around 4am. All in all I think they all had a good time! Still can't believe I have a Young Woman in my home!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sammy Rainbow

So I talked Rory into getting a new kitty last year. I had been wanting one ever since our Roxy had disappeared to the coyotes...we think. I really mourned her for quite a while. I still miss her. Anyways, it had been about six months without a kitty, and Rory and I were out to lunch for our anniversary. Perfect day to talk him into something! So we stopped by Basin Feed to "look"; and there she was. Couldn't pass her up. She has been a good kitty. As soon as we got home we gave her a bath to get rid of the stinky feed store smell. Kolette hauled her around constantly for the first two months. We'd check on the cat and she'd just be purring away. It was sad when she outgrew Kolettes' hood. Kolette named her - Sammy Rainbow. We call her Sammy :) She's grown a ton and I just took pictures to see how much.