Thursday, January 31, 2008

I love snow...

They say that this is the most snow that has fallen here in a long time. We didn't have snow like this last year, that's for sure. There are those who don't like it and can't wait for the snow to all melt and summer to come, but I am absolutely loving it!! When the snow is fresh and the roads are covered, it is so peaceful and quiet. The outside noises are softened and almost gone. Everything is soft and white. How can you not just love that? One of my favorite things is to drive in it. The sound the tires make, the feeling of the car slipping around slightly here and there; that is just the best. The parking lots get plowed and piled high up around the edges. It takes me back to the days growing up in Canada when the snow in between the two lanes of traffic was plowed up so high that you couldn't see over it to the oncoming traffic; you could tell that winter was coming to an end when you could finally see the cars on the other side again. Then there were days that the snow in the yard was so deep that we as kids would made tunnels and rooms that we could sit up inside and still be covered by the depth of the snowfall. Snowshoeing was fun and quite common there. I really miss all the snow. This snow here, now, is the best thing that winter could bring. I still wouldn't mind more and more and MORE!! hee hee!

Life moves forward...with chocolate

The girls, (Monique and Alex) are almost 12 yrs old. Well, they have been invited to the beehive activities on Wednesday nights. I still am amazed that my little girl is going into Young Womens. Last night was very fun! We went out to the Legacy Chocolate Factory. There were 5 girls, including 'my girls'. Neesha Roylance made it so fun for them. Thank you Neesha! First they dipped these toffee & cashew squares and got to decorate them with sprinkles and glittery stuff. Then they made chocolate suckers. They used colored and flavored, chocolate and poured it into heart shaped molds with sticks for handles. Purple was grape and red was cherry. It was very yummy! But, they didn't stop there, oh no. The girls were told to pick out some ribbon for each of the suckers (the choices were endless and soooo very cute), and put them into a bag with the ribbon tied around it in a nice bow all ready to give to their 'valentine'. They were so sweet! Neesha out did herself, she said that you get sick of all the sweets when your around them lots; but I think that it might take me a long time to get tired of it. That toffee, wow, it would be a weakness...
I am getting a little taste of what its going to be like to have Monique in my class... I am a little worried, but also very excited . We are trying to balance an overbearing mother and a growing independent girl with a slight attitude. HELP...! any suggestions????

Almost a disaster!

Finally! Corbett has been wondering when it would happen; his first lost tooth! He was very excited this morning. Then, while rinsing it off over the kitchen sink, it slipped... into the garbage disposal. Well, the kids all ran upstairs, "mom! mom!" Thatcher said, "I can see it, I just need to turn the light on over the sink and then I can get it out" "Don't worry mom, I know which switch the light switch is." The light switch is right next to the garbage disposal switch and I was well, very afraid... I told him, "don't touch anything!" I went down and after a little digging, carefully removed the tiny tooth from its dark, foreboding place and put it into a nice, clean zip lock bag, safe and sound. Then, a sound makes me turn around; The sound of the disposal! Thatcher smiles and says, "you switched the switches!" Glad he didn't turn the 'light on'. Corbett is very excited about the tooth fairy coming tonight. Let's hope she doesn't 'forget'... :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthday Time !!

We do big friend birthday parties on the even birthdays and smaller family birthday parties on the odd birthdays. (Although family birthday parties can get pretty big too. Lots of cousins...) Corbett's birthday last year was even - 6 yrs. Things never worked out and he didn't get the friend party that he should of had then. So we did it this year instead. It turned out really nice! I decorated the dining room and made an ice cream cake; since kids seem to like ice cream better than cake. He invited a few boys from school and a few from church and of course family friends. I think the boys had a good time. They came over at 3:30, right after school, and stayed until 7:00. Rory had hooked up two game cubes in the family room and the boys took turns on them. Then we had pizza(cheese of course) and opened presents. Corbett had fun there! After the ice cream cake each child got a goody bag and probably went home with a sugar high. :) Corbett had a couple of the boys stay the night. So, the mayhem continued into the night...ok, so it was a lot quieter mayhem.
All in all, it was a success! Happy 7th birthday my little bugga bug!