Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beautiful day for the zoo!


We went to the zoo with our cousins a while back, during a hot spell, in between the cold ones. It was great fun!.

Monique and Shaini

Thatcher and Lars

Corbett and Kortney

Kolette and Rylee

Poor Kolette; mean guys!

Cute matching sisters!

Monique's true family

The 'cave' Thatcher was trying to find the whole time! finally...

The place that we always take our family picture at the Woodland Park Zoo. (not a great one this year)

Okay, so if you know me, you know that I have to post this giraffe picture, even if Kolette and I are all shaded. (I look better anyway...)

The only way to ride!


So Patient..

I've been the one who cuts Kolette's bangs. We have been trying to keep them a little longer cause we are growing her hair out. (As apposed to when she had the 40's do.)

I'd been pretty successful in trimming them so far. Well this time, I just couldn't seem to get it. They were always a little crooked. So, they ended up too short. She did such a good job of holding still, (for a three yr. old). It took a lot longer than usual and the poor little girl crashed in the process.

Good thing hair grows! Yikes!

Chick Days

This has been something that the kids and, well, their mom have been looking forward to this last couple of months.

So tender...

Monique's favorite! "Please, please mom! Can we get him?"

Two turkeys :)

What fun!

How can you not just love those babies?

April Fools Rory!

Okay, so Rory and I haven't really done anything to each other for April Fools Day for quite a while. So, consequently I figured he wouldn't really expecting anything. Thatcher had been begging me to let him do this prank to his big sister and I kept saying "no way!, it's too mean!" Well, my evil side took control. I couldn't resist! I took two hot sauce packets, folded them in half and stuck them under the toilet seat bumpy things. Hee hee... (He always does his business around 9-10AM) I was downstairs when I heard this cry..."KATHY! have a mess to clean up!" I came up, and the sight that met my eyes made it all worth it!! I could not stop laughing! You know, with the tears... (He attempted, 'sadly', to get me back the rest of the day, poor Rory!) hee hee...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Rory!

We celebrated Rory's birthday yesterday! He is getting to be an old man! (hee hee). The kids honored him by making him that kind of poster with all the candy on it saying all sorts of things. They did a really cute job! (Thank you Mindy for everything you did. It was very appreciated!) I LOVE YOU RORY!!!!