Thursday, May 29, 2008

Roto-rooter job for Rory

Bye, bye constant sinus infections! So, Rory has been fighting sinus infection after sinus infection ever since October. If you have ever had one you would know that they knock you on your butt and you feel like you have the flu; they're not nice... Well, after the antibiotics wouldn't clear them up anymore, the doc says, "You need surgery."

The day of, I knew that I would be loosing my big helper for a while so I had him do a couple things before he went in. Nothing big; just move the old fridge to the garage, and rototill my garden beds (after they fixed the tiller-Dallas was there and helped him with everything, thank you Dallas, your a lifesaver!)

It was in 'short stay' at the hospital. I dropped him off at 12:30pm and picked him up at 6:30pm. So when I walked in to get him, he had this white strip of gauze taped under his nose. (Hi el Hitler!) I couldn't help but laugh... poor guy was so out of it! They ended up having to drill a hole in his head, (yes! he has a hole in his head!!) to irrigate the upper cavity that was not draining on its own.

He is doing so much better now though. They ripped out some foam stuff they had packed in there on Tuesday, 4 days post. He said that it was by far the worst part! He took some pictures of the slimy foam mass and showed me, but I won't do that to you...nasty! It will still be a while till he is back to his old, old self. I mean before the infections; not that he's old...i would never!... ;) Love him!!!!

New van!

This is our new van! We are in love with it! I was a bit of a surprise to us too. There was a lot with a bunch of cars in it and Rory and I went and checked it out. We came back later and bought this. It's a 2007 with 12,400 miles on it. It was a great buy as well! Bye, bye old Ford Aerostar, hello new Kia Sedona!